Wednesday, January 2, 2013

words, words, words

Sometimes I have the urge to hide, to disappear, to go somewhere, in an imaginary,non existent place where I can forget about anyone else, about my whole life, about people I care for, about the goals I want to achieve; I want to become a shadow, lost, lost in dreams and reality, a fantasy unable to feel, to think, to remember, a senseless, careless ghost… I want to be numb on the inside…so I won’t be able to feel the loneliness that surrounds me.
Solitude is the hell on earth, it’s a peculiar feeling you have to get used to, but you don’t, and you never will. Somewhere inside you, deep, so deep you wouldn’t imagine, is an emptyness that slowly and painfully kills you, a virus that spreads through your body and infects every one of your cells causing an untreatable disease which will thoroughly destroy you and you will watch it, unable to stop it.

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