Saturday, June 15, 2013

Freedom is from within.

"freedom to want nothing, to expect nothing, to depend on nothing"
 the perfect, utopic, inaccurate definition of freedom.

we all have an inner freedom, the freedom of the mind, the freedom of thoughts, the beautiful, infinite imagination.
and that's all.
everything else is just a fierce illusion.

we are often tied down by ourselves, but the worst part is that we depend on other people, we seek safety in other people, we long for belonging, we are terrified by loneliness

ironically, we are the slaves of our dreams, of our goals and most of all, of our fears. we often have everything to lose, everything to hide, lots to fear.

we are enslaved by words, by our language. that's when we escape through art, that's when we want to make our lives into a work of art, when we fall into the oblivion, when we relate to myths, the myth of freedom.

an addictive obsession for freedom that terrifies you to the point you can't even talk about

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